FIRA HuroCup

After participating in Robocup, we still thrive on challenges in the name of preserving our honorable standing. One decent chance has down, yet we refuse to stay still and chase the next one. FIRA Roboworld Cup, alongside with their concept of robotics competition, emerged to the surface not long afterwards. Hence, not wanting to miss even a single little chance out, we armored ourselves with knowledge and hop in to the competition.

Adjusting with the pandemic situation, FIRA, which used to be glamorized with many prestigious competitions, has been forced to cut their contest down to 3 major ones. To remotely control FIRA’s robots, aiming to avoid some obstacles, was proposed as the first competition and was named HuroCup. The second competition was designed with the same remotely-controlled concept but the goal was to move an object to its designated location. This competition was widely known as Tele-Op Robot Arm. The last one was a sprint and jump robot competition although this one must be cancelled due to technical problems.

Knowing that FIRA will play a big part in deciding ICHIRO’s future, we have never intended to take things lightly since the moment we decided to take our role as participant. For we opted to believe in the famous quote “practice makes perfect”, we have been preparing ourselves with a lot of training. The training was being held in a week before the competition which consist of research, tuning, and simulation. We do believe that all of the practice we’ve been through would be a humble validation of our effort in being the one true champion.

We were finally given the chance to earnestly prove that the sentence “result will never betray hard work” was indeed true. It was nothing but joyful that we felt as the master of ceremony announce our success in reaching the 3rd place for HuroCup. The smile on our face was only getting wider as our second accomplishment was announced, 4th place in Tele-Op Robot Arm. That day, we proudly celebrate the triumph while keep in mind that we’re going to learn from our mistake and promise to be better for the next competition.

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