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Ichiro Team is a Soccer Robot Team from the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) under the patronage of ITS Robotics student activity unit. Ichiro team's main focus is to develop a humanoid soccer robot. This will be done continuosly until these robots have the ability to match humans. The Ichiro team has participated in the national robot contests since 2010. Until this year, Ichiro team participates actively and has won many robot contests, both nationally and internationally. Currently, Ichiro Team has five humanoid robots that have the ability to kick, dribble, and are able to work together in teams to defend or attack. All robot movements can be run automatically and independently.

Our Family

Meet Our Team!


The one who brings power supplies for all of our robots so that they can move intelligently. Their duties are to develop the robot's electrical design using sophisticated system simulation tools.


Is known for their creativity in all of our robot’s body design, production, and maintainance. Making sure every aspect of the robots could perform well.


Members who are in control of the team’s non-technical activities; multimedia design, branding,administration, sponsorship, and finance.


A division synonymous with “brain of the robots”. They are the one that develop and implement an intelligent system for our robots so that they are able to perform useful activities for human life.

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